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Australian Social Media Statistics

Australian Internet and Social Media Statistics (October 2015)

Internet and social media statistics relevant to Australia can be hard to find, so we’re easing the effort by offering you helpful overviews regarding the growth (or fall) of key social media platforms and the state of internet usage in our country. All comparisons are based on statistics from the previous month. Read More

Grow Your Facebook Audience Fast

6 tips to grow your Facebook audience fast

Growing your presence on Facebook by getting more likes and engagements is a great way to help increase awareness of your business, which will hopefully translate into increased sales. But knowing how to stand out among the thousands upon thousands of pages on Facebook and earn more likes can seem like a daunting task. Here are some tips to help make the process easier. Read More


Instagram tested curated feeds on Halloween

Taking cues from the likes of Snapchat’s Live Stories and Twitter’s recently introduced Moments, US-based Instagram users were welcomed with a unique prompt on Halloween that stated: “Watch Halloween’s Best Videos”. When users clicked on this prompt, they were automatically directed to a curated feed comprising Halloween-themed video posts by Instagram users. The feed itself was curated manually by Instagram employees.

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Twitter drops Favourites, embraces the heart

Twitter is in the process of change at the moment. Along with landing on its new permanent CEO in the past month and introducing curated feeds known as Moments, the micro-blogging social network has now changed one of its longest-standing features: the Favourite.

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Instagram launches new standalone app, ‘Boomerang

Instagram has launched a new standalone app called ‘Boomerang’, that makes short GIF-like video loops. The videos, which are only one-second long, are made from five photos taken in quick succession. The video then loops back and forth, in a boomerang fashion to create a silent video that plays forwards, then backwards, over and over again.

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Week 1 offer: Social Media Editorial Calendar

As a subscriber to Social Media Month, you can download our FREE Social Media Editorial Calendar. With this Calendar, you can plan your daily social content for each month across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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5 tricks to be more efficient on social media

Social media like Facebook and Twitter can be a black hole when it comes to productivity. It’s a story most people will be familiar with: logging on with the intention of posting content and doing some productive work with social media marketing. One thing leads to another, and an hour is gone, with not much to show for it.

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The failed social networks, part 1: MySpace

During Social Media Month, we will be taking some time to look at the social networks that didn’t quite make it. Whether they never made it in the first place or they were once giants who fell from the top, this series will look at the why behind their failures. For the first instalment, I’ll be looking at MySpace.

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4 reasons you need a social media content calendar for your business

A social media calendar is an excellent way to get organised and stay on top of your social media marketing strategy. Just like any other calendar, a social media content calendar is a way to set out what content to post, where to post it and when. They’re great tools to help keep things under control when it comes to posting on social media, and help ensure that you get the best results.

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Snapchat continues its efforts towards monetisation

As its user base grows and its value increases, Snapchat is well into the process of finding ways to monetise the platform. While still in early stages, the platform’s current monetisation efforts are taking the form of minor in-app purchases that offer users expanded functionality or additional perks. But how will Snapchat’s means of earning money evolve in the future?

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Week 2 offer: How to Acquire Customers with Social Media

In this eBook, we provide you with findings and advice on how you can craft your social media presence in a way to increase website traffic and leads. The eBook includes the following sections:

  • The importance of social media engagement for conversions
  • Optimising your website to drive conversions
  • Utilising social media analytics to improve your efforts

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The failed social networks, part 2: Google+

In this instalment of our series examining the why behind social networks failing, we will be looking at the ubiquitous Google’s most recent foray into social media: Google+. Launched in 2011, Plus was Google’s attempt at taking on the social media juggernaut of Facebook, but after four years has seen its most popular features splintered up into separate apps, with the future of Google+ itself in serious doubt.

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Google+ goes through major redesign

Considering it was only yesterday that we only wrote about the diminishing performance of Google+, it’s somewhat ironic that overnight the social network went through one of its most significant redesigns in quite some time. As the social network continues to try and find its place in the social landscape, the team behind Google+ have changed its main point of focus.

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Twitter testing emoji reaction buttons

It would seem that Twitter doesn’t have the heart to stick it out with their new “Like” feature, with the network reportedly testing a system of emoji-based reactions to tweets. The feature would allow users to respond to tweets in a more nuanced way, rather than the one-size-fits-all approach taken with the “Like” feature, which was criticised by long time users but actually saw an increase in engagement from newcomers.

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Week 3 offer: How to Deal with a Social Media Crisis

Knowing how to respond to a crisis related to your brand is critical, especially as social media affords users more power than ever before to spread word about your brand – be it good or bad. This eBook covers the following important points:

  • Knowing the difference between a social media problem and a social media crisis
  • How to deal with a social media crisis
  • Dealing with more aggressive social media users
  • A quick checklist of additional factors to consider

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Making the most out of your Facebook page

So you’ve got your Facebook page started, filled out the “About me” section and got a profile picture and timeline cover photo. All you’ve got to do now is start posting some content, and watch the likes roll in. Well, not exactly. To make the most of your Facebook page, it helps to take the time and navigate through the various features and functions that Facebook has to offer with their pages.

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The failed social networks, part 3: Friendster

Will you write a testimonial for me? Does this sound vaguely familiar? Think back to the days before Facebook (I know right, who does?) but try to speed past that fuzzy haze, even before the Myspace craze and you might remember Friendster. In this post, we take a trip down memory lane when Friendster was ‘the’ way to get social online, and zone in on some of the stories around its untimely demise.

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Influencer marketing and social media

When it comes to advertising on social media, brands can have mixed fortunes in terms of just how much return on investment they get from their ads. As with any form of online advertising, users will either be receptive to social media ads or heavily against them. It’s this reality that has, in part, made way for the rise of influencer marketing as a viable alternative.

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Week 4 offer: The Social Media Trends 2016 Handbook

With 2015 almost over, we thought it was only fitting that our final eBook for the month would look at what to expect from social media in the new year. This free eBook covers the following:

  • Social media checklist for brands that are starting out
  • Communicating with social media users during a brand crisis
  • Social media trends of 2016, including advertising, immersive experiences, and influencer marketing
  • A social media editorial calendar

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4 bizarre social networks you probably haven’t heard of

To bring Social Media Month to a close here on the Margin Media blog, I’ve put together a list of some social networks you’ve likely not heard about. These networks all cater to more specific areas of interest, from fans of the Insane Clown Posse to a website that literally claims to help you move forward in the line-up to entering Heaven.

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